High-end hospitality lighting in a Dutch coffee and wine bar.

Karizma Luce has proven itself for years as an excellent choice in restaurant lighting. Restaurant CoVino, a stylish coffee and wine bar in Maarssen, has also chosen our luminaires. The challenge? Creating a distinctive, luxurious atmosphere. The result? Please judge for yourself!

Lighting plan for every moment of the day.

In the restyling of CoVino, lighting plays a key role. The lighting plan, created by Bedrijfsverlichting.nl, both dimmable and directional luminaires have been chosen. This enables the entrepreneurs to create a unique atmosphere at any time of the day. After all, enjoying a good glass of wine requires a different ambiance than a coffee during the day. Another advantage of the luminaires? Details can be illuminated beautifully.

Three luminaires, endless possibilities.

The luminaires from the lighting plan have been selected for their luxurious appearance. The basis is formed by the flexible 3-phase rail system of Nordic Aluminium (Light4U). In this system, adjustable track spots from Karizma Luce have been placed, namely the Stretto. The down lights that are used in the ceiling are the Dea Carmenta M and Dolcemente.


Curious what the exact specifications of the installed luminaires are? Check them out here:

Stretto: 927 9.5W 36° Black IP20 phase dimmable

Dea Carmenta M: 1160lm 827 40° Black/Gold IP20

Dolcemente: 620lm 927 42° Black/Black IP43


This very nice project is done in cooperation with Bedrijfsverlichting.nl and they look back on a wonderful project and wrote the following about it:

Via the cooperation with Project2000, an interior and stand builder from Utrecht that we regularly work with, Bedrijfsverlichting.nl got the chance to provide the wonderful luminaires of Karizma Luce into this project.

Good cooperation is key in realizing beautiful projects and in Karizma Luce we have found a reliable partner to cooperate with. We strengthen each other very well.
Thanks to this collaboration, we have access to a wide range of luxury LED lighting, which enables us to provide high-end interiors with the best and luxurious lighting solutions. This is certainly the case with the CoVino project in Maarssen.

At Bedrijfsverlichting.nl, we are committed to a long-term collaboration and many more beautiful projects together.”

Hospitality experience.

The restyled CoVino has everything it takes to offer its guests a special hospitality experience. We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to this and wish CoVino good luck with their beautiful business.

Do you have a challenging project in the hospitality industry? Our consultants are happy to help you create delightful lighting. Please feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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