Exquisite hotel lighting with a zoo ambiance.

Some projects appeal more to the imagination than others. Especially this hotel, in which the interior really captures the atmosphere of the adjacent zoo. A great project for allowing Wiemers Lichtadvies to create a perfect and modern ambiance, with lighting in line with the zoo theme. A complete experience in which guests feel really at home. 

Cooperation with Karizma Luce

Wiemers Lichtadvies is a company that provides lighting consulting services for indoor and outdoor lighting projects and public lighting. Its customers include electrical installation companies, architects, interior designers, and also end-users in various sectors. Owner Hans Wiemers mainly uses Karizma Luce luminaires in the hospitality sector and luxury (private) homes, and comments: “Because of the beautifully designed luminaires and the wide range of possibilities, we really like working with Karizma Luce products.”

Hans Wiemers appreciates the fact that the Karizma Luce team is always willing to contribute and be flexible, and is available and accessible whenever there are questions. The rapid communication makes it possible to act quickly and decisively. All in all, a very positive and nice cooperation with Karizma Luce.

Used luminaires “by Zoo”

Every lighting project has different challenges and the trick is to find a good solution for each challenge. In this project, the challenge was the height of the ceiling in the restaurant. This was limited. Hans Wiemers overcame this and achieved an attractive result by using the Stretto 3-phase track spot with a black housing and gold-coloured front ring. This spot is perfect in a hospitality environment and brings a warm and cosy feeling to evening situations as well as during the day.

In the entrance, lobby and reception areas of the hotel, guests are warmly welcomed by the light of the Dea Carmenta S, Dea Carmenta M and Dea Amata XS and Dea Amata M. These inconspicuously play an important role here.
All four have a white housing and are equipped with a gold-coloured reflector with a DALI dimming option. These luminaires are a part of the Dea Della Luce family by Karizma Luce; fixtures that combine to form a synergy of light and an atmospheric whole. The result in this beautiful hotel proves how the correct type of lighting can bring added value in spaces where the right atmosphere is really important.

We’d like to thank Hans Wiemers for all the years of excellent cooperation so far and for using our luminaires in the beautiful projects he realises. We look forward to the next great results that our cooperation produces!


Designer:          Wiemers Lichtadvies
Products:          Dea Carmenta S & M
Dea Amata XS & M
Installation:      Klein Poelhuis Installatietechniek
Photographs:   Karizma Luce

If you also have a great project in which the luminaires of Karizma Luce shine their light, please contact us and we will be more than happy to share it!

Led’s delight!

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