Dea Feronia by Karizma Luce

Double delight with surface mounted Dea Feronia!

A brand new addition to our Dea Della Luce family; the Dea Feronia. The main talent of this beautiful new product is to create interesting accent illuminations, thanks to her two adjustable tubes. Art, statues or big plants; thanks to the Feronia, they become eye-catching objects, perfectly lit and designed to create focal points and to draw people through a space. The Dea Feronia adds great value to places where it is difficult to achieve a recessed installation.

Charming and stylish
This small and charming surface mounted fixture is named after Feronia, a goddess who was associated with health and abundance. She also represented freedom and this stylish luminaire offers many freedoms and choices. With a beam angle of 34° and the choice of no less than seven different reflector options and 3 color temperatures, the Dea Feronia is suitable for many lighting solutions. Led’s delight!

Discover more
Complete specifications can be found here: Dea Feronia. Of course, you will receive a 5-year warranty on this model. Any questions or wishes? Please contact your contact person, we would be happy to look into all the options together with you.

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