Delighted with Karizma Luce UK

To serve the English market even better, Karizma Luce has set up a sales channel that focuses entirely on the United Kingdom, called Karizma Luce UK. It has now been a year since Karizma Luce UK was introduced. In honor of this, we interviewed Mark Shortland, who represents Karizma Luce UK together with Maninder Choda and Muraly Kuhan.


The market focus of Karizma Luce UK 

Karizma Luce UK is actively targeting the leisure and hospitality sector, including large end-user hotel groups and interior designers. We will shortly start to also focus on the very large lighting designer community in London.


Birth of Karizma Luce UK

Mark Shortland, managing director, has a long-standing business relationship with Zuzana Nadim (international sales director for Karizma Luce and as well a sister company Light4U), mainly due to the retail segment from Light4U. Initially the conversation was around supplying this portfolio to our sister business Shoplight however, as the discussions evolved it became really clear that bringing the Karizma Luce brand to the UK properly was the best and only way to launch the business here in the UK. We were delighted that Karizma Luce NL shared our vision and so Karizma Luce UK was born in late 2019.


How the  products and service make an impact in the UK

Firstly, the Karizma Luce range is so perfectly suited to interior designers for all sorts of projects including hospitality and premium residential that it has allowed us to take the Karizma Luce brand into these sectors. Secondly, it has also provided very useful for our Shoplight brand where we are working on more premium retail projects.


Projects by Karizma Luce UK

We are targeting mostly hotel, restaurants and premium residential projects currently but will shortly supply a number of Karizma products to a new concept premium retail store chain, a new restaurant for a school and the new offices for both Christian Dior and Chanel in London!



Our businesses have grown on the platform of great customer service and fantastic lighting solutions.  We’ve been really pleased to see that Karizma Luce share these same principles meaning Karizma Luce NL and Karizma Luce UK are aligned in our approach.

We have very quickly built a strong bond between Karizma Luce and the UK.  Sharing the same philosophies and knowing that Karizma Luce is being driven forward by someone as inspirational as Walter van Maren means a lot to us. We believe the relationship between Karizma Luce NL and UK is as strong as others which take many years to develop.



One of the most important factors we have highlighted is the need for a more diverse reflector offering to suit the needs of lighting designers. We’re really pleased to see more choices coming through (such as 24 as well as 40-degree reflectors) and we would love to see more and more options that form part of the new product development.


Beautiful projects with luminaires of Karizma Luce

We have many wonderful projects coming up but I think the use of the Dea Flora M in pink in the EL&N café near Carnaby Street in London is pretty special!

Mark Shortland
Managing director


Thanks for the nice words Mark Shortland. We are delighted with the collaboration and look forward to the future with a good feeling, knowing that there are many beautiful projects to come. The images below show the projects that Karizma Luce UK has realized.

Led’s delight!

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