Dea Concordia: a contemporary and charming recessed luminaire

Led’s double up! The same charming appearance and twice as many options. If you are looking for a modern, enchanting look, then look no further than the double recessed luminaire Dea Concordia by Karizma Luce.

Create the perfect ambience.

This adjustable luminaire adds a bit of magic, wherever and whenever you need it. The Dea Concordia is part of Karizma Luce’s exclusive Dea Della Luce line. This means that the fixture is available in black and white and the reflector is available in six different colours. As a result, the luminaire can be tailored to suit every ambience. The light source and reflector are deep-set, which prevents glare.

You can create the exact desired atmosphere thanks to the various dimming and control options, such as Casambi, Dali, Phase-Cut dimming, dim to warm and Tunable White.

Modern design.

The fresh and modern design makes this fixture an excellent addition to any interior in the hospitality sector and luxury homes. This recessed luminaire, together with the CRI 90 and the 4000K is also a perfect solution to add a little charm and style to any office interior.

The elegant and powerful Dea Concordia is available in two sizes: Dea Concordia S and Dea Concordia M. If you really like the Dea Concordia, but would prefer a single luminaire, take a look at the Dea Ceres: the single version of this recessed luminaire.

If you would like to enhance your lighting projects using Karizma Luce’s high-quality LED lighting, or if you have any other questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to help. Led’s delight!

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