Dea Amata series, for that special outdoor feeling

Atmospheric ambiance

Nobody wants to be sat under a spotlight while enjoying a sultry summer evening or a beautiful late summer day in the garden. The lighting on this spacious veranda guarantees an atmospheric ambiance, which is comparable to candlelight and adds an extra dimension to that feeling of being outdoors.

Widened ring

The Dea Amata L recessed luminaire was chosen, including a widened ring, so that it could not only be seamlessly installed over the existing drill holes, but also looked robust. The fixtures are also Casambi controlled, with dim-to-warm lighting from 3000K to 1800K.

Dea Amata series

The Dea Amata is part of Karizma Luce’s unique Dea Della Luce line. This recessed spotlight comes in black and white and the reflectors are available in six different colors. You can choose from the following sizes: Dea Amata XS, Dea Amata S, Dea Amata M, Dea Amata XM, and Dea Amata L.

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