Create whatever you like with Vuoto.

“Light gives life, makes us grow and joy. This power of light inspires us and we take it within.”
This inspiring statement about the source of light belongs to our brand partner Lichtstudio LX. An experienced, specialist, energetic and driven team with people who strive for the best for the customer.

It was Light4U that presented the luxurious and elegant luminaires of Karizma Luce to Lightstudio LX. It’s great for us to notice that also Karizma Luce has lived up to that trust. Lichtstudio LX is focused on luxury housing, retail, offices, and the hospitality industry. Their customers are installers or private customers. They also cooperate a lot with interior stylists for whom they make a lighting plan in line with their design.

Arnoud Wallet of Lichtstudio LX tells us that working with the wide range of high-quality products of Karzima Luce has made them more able to offer a complete project. “Because Karizma Luce builds the luminaires themselves, we can get everything! This way we can make our high-end customers happy with beautiful lighting of high quality”.

Lichtstudio LX applies our products in various projects such as luxury housing, renovations, and in the hospitality industry, where they are looking for a specific lighting solution. A recent project in which they implemented Karizma Luce luminaires is lunchroom Coava in Nijkerk. Our adjustable track spot, Vuoto is part of the atmospheric whole. With Vuoto you can create everything you like. Lichtstudio LX used a GU10 spot for this project.

We think they did a great job and the result is magnificent. We asked Arnoud how Lichtstudio LX experiences the cooparation with Karizma Luce, and we are delighted to receive their reaction; “we are very positive about our cooperation. Karizma Luce has the right people in the right place. They always look for the best solution for us and our customers and we are also very happy about the great contact and fast deliveries”.

We are proud to hear that Lichtstudio LX is a very satisfied customer and like to express our appreciation for our cooperation. Thank you, for your trust in us and our partnership.

Would you like to share your experience with Karizma Luce and put your project in the spotlights, like LichtstudioLX? Feel free to contact us. We would love to capture our partnership story in a blog.

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