Apéro Boules: a place to meet and compete.

In this urban ambiance, people meet each other to have a drink, eat together and play a game of ‘Jeu de Boules’. Teams compete against each other fanatically and catch up with each other while enjoying a bite and a cold beverage between games. While guests battle each other, bedrijfsverlichting.nl accepted the lighting challenge.

How to successfully play Jeu the Boules
In Jeu de Boules, the objective is to score points by throwing or rolling the boules (metal balls) closer to the target than the opponent. This makes it essential that the boules are clearly visible: the boules area has to be well-lit. Karizma Luces Stretto is a winner when it comes to bright lighting. This spotlight is 90° tiltable, fully rotatable, and has several dimming options. Learn more.

Details matter
The green plants are definitely an eye-catcher on the walls and enhance the urban ambiance. All throughout the building walls are decorated with plants, posters, drawings and other elements that are emphasized by Karizma Luces versatile Stretto: a very popular luminaire. Learn more.

The right lighting at the right moment
The welcoming atmosphere in the room is achieved by using lighting with an extra warm white color temperature (2700K) with a high color rendering (CRI 90). This ensures that all colors of the interior are reproduced faithfully. All lighting is controlled with Casambi’s user-friendly smart lighting system. This is a smart home automation system with which the lighting can be controlled via bluetooth. Depending on the time of day, different scenes can be set. Anything for an unforgettable game of ‘Jeu the Boules’!

Project: Apéro Boules, Hasselt
Partner: bedrijfsverlichting.nl
Photography: Bianca Wesselius

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