About us

Preferred partner in design lighting systems for architects and project lighting companies.

Karizma Luce is a Dutch manufacturer of premium led lighting. Our exclusive design lighting systems are mainly used in the hospitality industry, offices and high-end residential buildings.

In-house design and manufacturing

Karizma Luce can be distinguished by its Italian design, created by our own design department. Manufacturing also takes place in-house. We guarantee a high-quality finish and only use top-quality components. With us, you are guaranteed to find an unprecedented lighting range coupled with outstanding performance.

Premium quality at surprising prices

Thanks to our drive for innovation, our in-house facilities, high quality, fast delivery and extensive warranty, we are a preferred partner for high-end architects and project lighting companies. The surprisingly competitive prices of our products will certainly play a role. That’s why we are a beacon within the world of premium led lighting.

Led’s delight!