A bathroom experience with the Dea Fauna.

‘You open the door which leads to the bathroom and you switch on the light. Sparkling Italian marble finds a way to your retina. You sigh, after a long day you’re finally home.’

When it comes to your bathroom, you want it to be like your own personal oasis. A place to relax and be yourself.  In this showroom, the Italian marble, the smoked glass door, and the clean white Dea Fauna luminaires make this bathroom a real-life dream. 

‘After a warm bath or invigorating shower, you feel like new again. This was exactly what you needed.’ 


For this bathroom showroom, the Dea Fauna, a square tiltable surface-mounted downlight is used. It’s truly is an outstanding feature in every environment. This downlight offers the same sizes and lumen packages as our recessed downlights. This guarantees a very high performance, also in rooms where ceilings don’t permit recessed luminaires. Make your choice out of the various available colour options of reflectors and the endless applications. On request available in 24°.

Please note; for showroom lighting a IP20 luminaire can be used, to make a bathroom lighting plan, the IEE regulation needs to be followed. This mentions the requirements of ingress protection (IP) for different zones in bathrooms.

Product: Dea Fauna S
Partner: Lucente
Project: Hummel Haulerwijk 

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