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At Karizma Luce we love to delight you. Our high-quality and extensive range has everything you need to exceed your expectations. Whatever lighting challenge you face. Please feel welcome.


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We just love lighting with charisma. It all starts with unique design, top-quality components and extensive control options. But we go beyond. Every single day, our mission is to delight you and the people who enjoy our lighting. That is why you can count on fast delivery times, almost limitless possibilities and a committed partnership. Whatever your lighting challenge is.

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Dea Eros S ME-in

Spreading the love.

Dea Apollo

Beautiful yet resistant.


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Fundamental lighting made perfect.

Who says functional lighting has to be boring? Meet our Delizia di Luce Collection, where beautiful design meets endless possibilities. Ready for any lighting challenge you can imagine.

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High end design, unique experience.

With light sources placed extra deep in the elegant luminaires one of kind reflectors, Dea Della Luce luminaires are pure lighting jewellery. Are you ready for an extraordinary lighting experience?

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