48V Track

Here it is! The Q-Line 48V track series has arrived.

Are you already familiar with our 48V track system? Meet Karizma Luce’s 48V Q-Line Series. Unprecedently tiny, but with a strong impact. This series of low voltage compact track lights opens doors to countless creative lighting solutions, especially for high-level projects.

Compact 48V is a real game-changer
The very compact dimensions and timeless design, combined with a wide range of design options and the effortless installation, make the Q-Line 48V series a real game-changer. The 48V track spots are simply clicked in a subtle recessed, surfaced or suspended track rail, and thanks to the wide range of accessories it allows you to make your own composition according to the required design.

Plug, play and create.
The 48V track series is in general perfect for areas where constant flexibility and compact size of lighting system is required, such as small boutiques, bars, cafeterias, restaurants, luxury residential houses or hotels. No matter the needs of a project: accent or ambient lighting… any lighting effect is possible with one of the luminaries available for the Q-Line 48V track system. Thanks to the easy installation of the luminaries into the rail system you can just simply plug and play to create a vibrant lighting solution.

Wide range of options
The Q-Line 48V track system provides versatility from its modular range and is one of the safest systems on the market due to its low DC voltage. To make your lighting project even more refined, you can choose from various versions of track spots or suspended fixtures from the Dea Della Luce series, which offers seven different reflector finishes. Or you can choose from the very popular linear luminaires with opal diffusers or parabolic louvres, to create a great atmosphere.

The Q-Line 48V track system is available in a Q1 or Q2 version. The main difference between the Q1 and Q2 version is the height of the rail in which the luminaires will be used. Click here to read the blog where we will tell you all about the differences.

Ready to make a big impact?
Our entire Q-Line 48V track system can be viewed at karizmaluce.com. If you have any questions or special requests then please feel free to contact us.

Led’s delight!

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